About Our Shop


Inspired By women

We built this brand with its name in mind, first and foremost.  What Moxy means to us is women taking risks and doing it with style.  Breaking social norms and barriers, forever changing the landscape for other women at the same time.  Moxy MMA is inspired by the badass women that came before us as much as the women that are proving themselves on and off the mats today.  

new era for mma

 This season we looked to Debbie Harry and Joan Jett and gave Moxy MMA a punk rock-we don't care-disco-rebel vibe.  It's a new era for women in MMA, we're not a fad.  We're not just "good for a girl", we are here to stay.  We believe that this is the most exciting time for us in MMA, and we look good doing it.